Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Tallest Man Meets Shortest Man On Earth

Yup, that's right: world's tallest and shortest men get to meet:~~

This one came from BestBoratVideos too...

Borat Goes to Walmart...

... well that's what it said at BestBoratVideos.BlogSpot.Com!

Geraldine Winter White Russian Hamster

Geraldine looks slightly confused to me ...

Winter White Hamsters Not Running On Wheel

Mine never went white like this in winter. Probably because I leave my light on too much of the time. (Their fur goes from grey to white in wintertime in reaction to reduction in daylight levels.)

Upside Down Campbells Hamster Eats Popcorn on Piano Keys

I've never seen anything like this:

Campbells Hamster Wheel Fight

These dwarf hamsters are called Campbells. I used to have one, only he kept threatening to bite me whenever I tried to pick him up (hated being grabbed round the sides). Very beautiful furry coats though. Unfortunately my room was too hot really in summer for him and his housemate who was a Winter White (and much kinder in temperament). Their fur was the highest quality fur I have ever felt on a domestic pet. Better than any fur coat I've touched. Good thing the fur trade never discovered these creatures. (Also it would take about 1000 of them to make a floor-length coat. Ooer.)

Loop-the-Loop Roborovski

How many revolutions is that? At least five ::

Friday, 27 July 2007

Tricking Coke Machines: 2-4-1!

Well maybe this works on Coke machines in America or Mars but we don't have ones that look like that here. In fact I've never seen one that looks like that ... good luck with the trick if you do find the right kind of coke machine. In Britain it would surely be CCTV'd up with a hotline to the local copshop ...

Tricking Coke Machines: The 2 For 1 - Watch more funny videos here

How to Chill Coke in 2 Minutes

This came from Readerstation

Chill A Coke In 2 Minutes! - video powered by Metacafe

How to Boost Your Remote Control

This one came from Readerstation as well ::...

You could do childish TV pranks through your neighbours' windows and everything. When I was younger I once went tripping through town with a friend and a couple of remote controls and caused havoc on the local electrical shops ... ooo, how funny!

Remote Control Booster! - video powered by Metacafe

Clever Clinging Chinese Mouster

This shows how they can cling on to your hand so adeptly. Neither normal hamsters, nor other dwarf hamsters nor mice can do that finger-grasping trick ...

Japanese Chinese Hamster

チャイニーズ・ハムスター Chinese Hamster

This is also good film. Notice the poppy woodmouse eyes.

Mine is less active than this. I've never in my life seen him eat anything (seriously). He is really shy and retiring. Loves climbing over my hand, climbs upside down. Seriously dislikes running the wheel! Strangest rodent I've ever had ...

Gem the Chinese Hamster

This is one of very few pieces of film I've been able to find where you actually get a good look at a Chinese Hamster like my Mouster. So click this if you want to see what my pet looks like... see what I mean about "mouselike" ...

Roborovski Hamsters

They call them "robos" in America

Coke Bomb Explosion Prank

Found at http://elaughs.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Beatles influenced or starring in 1960s cartoon Strawberry Fields ...

I've no idea whether this was official Beatles stuff or semi-official (ie it was them but not officially credited) or whether it's pure pastiche. There's a comments box below. Please: you tell me ...

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Monday, 9 July 2007

Beautiful Bark Banjo

Well I think this is by Bark, but my musical expert Daniel Thompson is hopefully going to confirm this...

It's not on my musical blog because that's basically just pop music and this is fantastic and not pop

This was also "borrowed" from Daniel Thompson's Video Archive...! When will the purloining ever end..??!?

Meerkats - David Attenbrough - BBC

This was a BBC docu. The UKTV Documentary badge is bc it was being repeated on that channel ...

This also purloined from Daniel Thompson's fantabulous Video Archive

Survivorman Swamp Thing

From the (American version of) Discovery Channel...

This I originally found at Daniel Thompson's Famous Video Archive

which is well worth a trip. it's pretty similar to this blog here... only different postings ... mostly ... so wahey for that!!

Ruth's Garden Pond

Go to Ruth's Me My Life My Garden and Ruth's Million Stories blogs to hear more about her ongoing gardening brilliance:

Saturday, 7 July 2007

President Whitmore's Independence Day Speech

From Dr Anonymous's blog

Bizarre singing vulgaridad...

Purloined from Raffi's blog

this is really strange. does this guy think he's got something special going on? i and almost everyone i know can make noises like that if i want to. it's just most of us don't want to ...

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Violette at Home

From Vancouver television. About an artist called Violette. But this youtube screen is purloined from Angela's Art Diary blog

Weird Homes!

Done by Violette! Purloined from Angela's Art Diary

Blowing Things Up!

Borrowed from Bostick at Stop the Barking Dogs dot Blogspot dot Com

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Your Studo Part II

Borrowed from Dynamist

Hollywood Golden Tour

Borrowed from Dynamist

is it a real hollywood public relations film? is it a spoof? you decide

how fantastic!