Sunday, 26 December 2010

Latah Boy

Latah syndrome is a cultural and psychiatric phenomenon peculiar to Malaysia-Indonesia where the affected person copies the words and actions of others. In various manifestations it is described as hysterical-dissociative or psychotic.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Spare the rod and spoil the criminal..?

LAW AND ORDER: LET'S HAVE A HEATED DEBATE. Should they bring back the lash for burglars, muggers, rapists and child abusers?

Filmed in a Malaysian prison, this shows an individual getting 20 lashes (on top of a prison sentence) for rape.

It's supposed to be pretty gruesome. His backside is torn open. If I was the victim of serious crime I'd be well pleased if this happened to the offender.

WARNING don't watch if the sight of blood and gore apalls you. And be warned, the still only shows about a third of the way into it.

I tried to find a less gory one but ended up with the same one twice. The first one goes black and white for some reason, but it's less blurry.

Ukh. Well it is pretty nasty. I heard the Tory party want all this. Or they want it back in schools. Anne Widdecomebe wanted it back, I believe.

It was never done quite this viciously at school, where I only remember 3 kids getting caned. Most corporal punishment was done with paddles or shoes and caning was never done on the bare bum. Then again nobody committed rape at my school.

In my view this punishment serves the rapist right.

Please share your comments and opinions below. Should whipping be brought back for burglars and sex offenders? If someone stole my plasma screen TV I'd be delighted to see them get 20 strokes. If my daughter got raped I'd be even more pleased if the bastard who did it got soundly whipped. It's just a shame he doesn't scream more. They're obviously not beating him hard enough.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Newsnight: Does Prison Work?

ROTTWEILERIAN INTERVIEWER JEREMY PAXMAN GOES TO PRISON! Unfortunately he's not banged up, just interviewing staff and inmates... DOES PRISON WORK? 1