Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Ketchup in Bottle Trick

Ketchup In A Bottle Trick !! - These bloopers are hilarious

When Homer Was 17...

Courtesy Simpsonsshow

Homer When He Was Seventeen - video powered by Metacafe

Courtyard Choreography

Courtesy Saradyback

Buffalo Soldiers trailer

Starring Joaquin Phoenix this is set pre-1989 in the still-divided postwar Germany. Where American soldiers looted pretty much all they could from the army and dealt in drugs! Watch for yourself if you don't believe me ...

Courtesy Love Story Videos

Knitting a Love Song

Courtesy Love Story Videos

Speaking Cat

Well he's trying to speak Spanish.

Aparently it is not a natural part
of cats' vocabulary to "miaaow". They do this only in imitation of their human keepers. If you watch this vid, you'll see:

This comes courtesy: La Gata Lola

This one's called Gato que habla in the original Spanish.

239 views a/o 10:36 hrs 29 May 07

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Madonna: Lovely Bitch

Bizarre Things

Don't know what better to call this - essentially a collection of stills set to music.

Funny Clip - The best home videos are here

Thursday, 24 May 2007


A 4-minute short made by American schoolkids. Courtesy BestHomeMadeVideos

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

African Bike Odyssey

African Red Bike Odyssey: Courtesy of Bicyle Diaries

Thousand Hand Chinese Dance

What's more amazing is that every dancer is deaf!

This comes courtesy of Come Join In

Millimetres Matter

Throwing pies at flies ...

...and wasps (yeah!) ...

... (literally) ... watch and see

Millimetres Matter - Click here for the most popular videos

Panda Attacks Zoo Visitor

Was this a sly psychotic man in a panda suit going nuts to give bamboo-chewing bears a bad name?

As donated by Ivy. Many thanks:-

Panda Attacks Visitor - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Human-Cat Duet

This cat answers its owner's every meeaaouww ...

Courtesy Best Cat Videos

"Cat Rolled Up Pops Out"

Some human beings can be so stupid ...

Courtesy Best Cat Videos

TV Entertainment Cat

Courtesy Best Cat Videos

Transformers Trailer

Courtesy Alvinisms

Friendly Tortoise

Watch this tortoise getting ever so friendly with a cat.

Don't know about you, but I never saw a tortoise move that fast in my life!!

Lindsay Lohan - Behind the Scenes

Is it true Lindsay Lohan has acted in a movie?

I just thought she was famous for being a "ho"

Weed Thief Constable

Policeman steals cannabis ...

Get's "high" ... and time goes "real real slow" ...

More to the point, tho: woman to the right, closing shot; what is it with her hair-??

Courtesy Raymi

Monday, 21 May 2007

San Fransisco Bay to Breakers Race 2007

Courtesy Wayward "CrystalCleanPersuasion" Son

"Candid Panda"

This is one of those "and finally"s from "NBC Nightly News"

Panda Cubs on a Slide

How entertaining!!

Look at the way they do it all together. Except that one in the background (who looks just like a human in a panda-suit) trying to climb that door ...

Lost Baby Panda

Poor Baby Panda

This was down on Youtube as "most pathetic baby panda ever". As if a poor baby bear without its Mum is meant to be anything other than like this ...

Muslim Mickey Mouse

"Mickey Mouse, Muslim-style"

This chilling piece of (subtitled) propoganda is from Palestinian children's television.

Courtesy dlyc84


Found this at the blog of Daniel Thompson Microtonal Composer ...

Strange Guitarplaying Man

Really this is going here as a memo to self. As when I tried to play it last time, I got no sound ... Something to do with Roy Zimmerman. Who is that?

Purloined from Dark Mind's "Retired Villain" blog:

Loveconfessing Disaster

Found this at TattoosVideos

56 views as of Monday 21st May 2007 18:05 hrs

Sunday, 20 May 2007


Sinister, unnerving. This is visual poetry of the bizarrest order ...

From CollegeVideos: go there for more interesting flixx:

15 views (one of them mine) as of 18:08 hrs 21/5/7

Cruel and Unusual

Found this at CollegeVideos

It's an "exploration of vigilanteism" ...

113 views as of 18:08 21:5:7

Scaredy Panda

This wise and cautious panda named Bin Dien hides under a table to elude his annoying trainer.

Courtesy PandasVideos

Panda Hiding Under Table - The funniest bloopers are right here


Newborn Panda First Time Out of Mother's Arms

Courtesy PandasVideos

Newborn Panda First Time Out Of Mothers Arms - Funny video clips are a click away

"Panda Sneeze 3"

Look at the expression on Big Panda's face when this most vigorous of sneezes occurs!!

Courtesy PandasVideos

Dunno what happened to sneezes 1 and 2 ..?!?

Can you believe it?!? Only 21 views as of Monday 21 May 2007 18:08 hrs BST!!

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Nintendo Demo

This is old, but I love the way the main guy looks terrified of the camcorder, know what I mean? Courtesy NintendoVideos.blogspot ...

Beware Bioimplants!

Courtesy Hedonist Reformed!

Poppy Blowing in the Wind

An English poppy blowing in the wind. Borrowed from Ruth:

18 a/o 18:14 21:5:7

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Martial Arts Bloopers

Unintentional Cartwheel!

"Clumsy" Dancer? Clumsy Kid? Clumsy Mom?

Thanks Nicole

Mother's Day Card

Courtesy Toby

Bush the Blatherer

Apparently Mr President cannot answer the question...

What is he trying to say ..?

Can anyone confirm for me: this was spliced together, right? Surely this is not for real ...?

Courtesy Ruifreitas

Randy Cow!

Courtesy casasviejaslibre.

Chinese Vid

Courtesy co92-blog.

"Handling Another Hornet"

There's no end of nutters out there ..!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Outer Space Simpsons

Genius. Again - thanks to sinpajas.blogspot ...

Simpson Dinosaur Evolution

Again courtesy of sinpajas.blogspot!

Human Simpsons

This came originally from British telly (it was an ad or a trailer for something ...)

The Youtube link you see here comes courtesy of Sinpajas.blogspot - many thanks!

Job Interview

Wayward Son is hitting the jobs market. This is something that fuels the inevitable interview-prang-!!

(I nicked it off his blog ...)

Monday, 14 May 2007

Doll Face

Thanks, Edyta, for this one ...!

Think Fritz Lang Metropolis; think Edward Scissorhands and you have the imagery. This is a surreal short. Only "symbolic" inasmuch as the human face designates an implied humanity that isn't always there ... well that's my interpretation. You come to your own conclusion ...

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Spanish Truck Racing

Courtesy: la-pedrada.blogspot

Spiders On Drugs

The world-famous comedy minidocu. This one's had over 5,000,000 hits on Youtube and no wonder ..!..

This one, incidentally is based on truth. Orb-web spiders (like our star) really were fed LSD in the 1950s. On low doses their webs became fantastically complexicated and beautiful. At higher doses the spiders' brains fried and they spun nothing more than a formless sticky blob ...

Pete Doherty Hitting Up

Courtesy: the Sun newspaper's worldwide spies. Here's our Pete hitting up supposed cocaine in Thailand. I believe it's heroin but there you go. Who cares? He's injecting drugs in mixed company and he's vulgar ...

Modest Proposal - Newsreader Rap

Gentlemen's Lavatory Etiquette

Ladies' Lavatory Etiquette

Enormous Pet Honeydrinking Hornet On Hand

Hornets hornets hornets.

I'm obsessed by hornets...

This huge wasp that lives in a plastic box is the man's pet hornet.

Every day he lets it out to crawl on his hand drinking fresh honey.

"I only got stung once or twice," he blathers. "Your fingers swell up and your hand gets a bit stiff but it's no more painful than passing a kidney stone."

See for yourself
what you think:--

UK Armageddon thing

Courtesy Evil Spock

"28 Weeks Later" ...

This is some kind of American film trailer. But it's based in London. As you will see ...

Isn't the video fantastically high qual ('specially 4 youtube??)

& lovely cinematic surroundsound boominess ...

Don't know what this is, but clickonit. I urge you!!!

Edyta's Silent Movie

This was made by one of my best blogger friends Edyta.

It's a pretty authentic-looking (well, to me; anyhow) silent black-&-white movie.

What do you think..?

Friday, 11 May 2007

Hamster Dance

This one's on my other video blog but it's "novelty" enough to belong here.

See that Roborovski move!!

The Hoobs // "Why Teletext Is a Good Idea"...

I looked everywhere for a Hoobs clip and this is the best I found (so far) ...

Those horrible things with grey heads, trumpets and springs for hair and boiled-egg staring eyes are the "Motorettes" ... see what I mean about them & bad acid??

Hubba-hubba & the Hoobs are cool tho

Don't bother watching once the puppets are gone :: (ie don't bother watching most of it ...)

Christmas Rare Exports

This one courtesy Augenschmelz

Man From Atlantis

Found this on Aagro's blog ...

Chinese Children Punished On River

Beating naughty children is banned in China.

So instead they get floated down the river in giant balls from Hoobland ...

First Broccoli

Thanks Nicole!

(She sent me this today to cheer me up. Isn't he/she tiny and cute!?!)


This is where you come for those wacky vids ...

Don't watch this one. It is the Hoobs with no sound. I have no idea what is wrong with them all. Hubba Hubba is jumping about as if possessed by wicked spirits. They do not normally behave in this manner.