Thursday, 30 August 2007

Monday, 27 August 2007

"What Do You Think?"... (About the US Army's interfering ...)

Lifted from Otimisin's blog

Japanese Human Tetris

Lifted from FunnyShortVideo.BlogSpot ...

**COMEDY**! Garbage Men!

Found this at Grapgat's blog but they'd embedded it in a blogger screen that you cannot copy to your own blog (which doesn't make any sense)... WHY do people use these vulgar things? When all Blogger vids seem to be available on Youtube anyhow..??...

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Lu Wen Cheng Cantonese Music

I found this during my dredges for something on youtube resembling my traditional Cantonese music CD The Autumn Moon on a Placid Lake which is composed by Lu Wen Cheng, among others... However I found this film extract thing which looks like rather a corny teenage southeast Asian love story... but hey have a look...

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Nick Nolte, Barbra Streisand in Prince of Tides

Barbra's made loads of films... but why can't she accept that she's a singer and comedienne... anyone can do serious acting but those first two things take rare talent to bring to perfection...

... also this is the only Streisand film I honestly actually remember scenes of right the way through. Based on a novel by Pat Conroy it sets up an intriguing triangle of interest: Savannah the distressed poet, Nic Nolte the grudging misplaced repressed concerned brother, Streisand the ever so professional yet ever so vulnerable shrink who shows she's just as needing (if not needy as her patient)... good film this one. Far better than the "interesting" but laughable Yentl, that's for sure!!

But: filmic cliche's coming up!

1. How come all groceries are carried at all times in BROWN PAPER BAGS? Don't American shops have carrier bags like we have over here??

2. They spent hard earned cash, drive to the middle of nowhere... then in the heat of the moment he just chucks those impossible to replace gorceries all over the log cabin's floor... something that is NEVER done in real life... not without sparking lengthy potentially relationshipbusting row

Friday, 24 August 2007

Japanese Man With Tail

Yeah... this man seems to have a real-(looking) tail... which implies we share some DNA with DOGS perhaps ...?

Found this clip at

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Highest Sung Note Ever

Georgia Brown of Brazil: this chick can hit G10 which is 4.5 octaves higher than soprano "top C" ("C6")

Ballbreaking! Highest Pitched Male Voice Ever

This guy can shriek off the range of the piano keyboard!

Starring Adam Lopez of Australia

Sunday, 19 August 2007

"April Fool Blizzard!" 1997

Taken from HiddenMahala's blog...

This was in Boston?

Wow! It is SOME blizzard.. look how deep the snow is!!

Aurora Australis - The Southern Lights

This was surely filmed in Antarctica: see the base station...

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive video remake

OK I'm trying to keep "spoof" pop vids (original artist's soundtrack: starring some entertaining member of the public) in this Random blog rather than my "serious" musical blog!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Thai Chicken Satay Masala

Siamese cookery lesson

Monday, 13 August 2007

Andi Lau The Chinese

Lifted from Tashi-Khoo's blog

Finding Amy Winehouse

This is a film my four Leeds University students :: ~

Monkey Stab Bizarre ...

I found this at Slaghammer's blog ...

Thursday, 9 August 2007

English (of course!) Man Drinks Own Urine

Borrowed from Viva-Voce's blog ...

Home Made "The Girl Is Mine"

To Michael Jackson's original track ...

Paul McArtney and Michael Jackson never put out a video to The Girl is Mine. So, to their original soundtrack, these American College Students stepped into the breach...

Monday, 6 August 2007

American Car Insurance Ad

This was listed down as a "parody ad" by LifeIsMarketing.Blogspot.Com

Geriatric 1927 "telling it all 40" - childhood tales

An old man born in 1927 reminisces about his childhood

"Geriatric 1927: Telling it All 7"

"Geriatric 1927 and JFK Assassination" ...

I've no idea who this is talking. "Peter" is "Geriatric 1927"... this is someone else speaking in reply to him ...

"Geriatric 1927 'First Try'"

This guy, born 80 years ago, has a cult following across the youtube "network" ...

British Accents

I found this totally at random when I brought up Youtube's homepage just now...

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Happy Dance Friday from Redaisy

This is a really off the wall Happy Dance Friday "contribution" ... (Happy Dance Friday being, I assume, some sort of cultural virus or "meme" thing ...)

It comes from Redaisy ("Mermaids"? What) blog ...

Have a look.

Dance Larry Friday Thing ..??

I lifted this from ODAT's blog

and most bizarre it is too!!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Naked "Mannequins" in Florida

"They are not the kind of mannequins you associate with department store windows," the news report succinctly reveals ...

This clip lifted from

Save the Chinchilla

This is an antifur video ...

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Funny "Conan" Dog Interviews at Starwars Attack of the Drones Premier

I thought Conan was a barbarian... what is he doing on American TV all the time ..?

I purloined this, btw, from Electropie ...

Wonder Woman Opening Title Sequence

Nicked this from

Did you know that Wonder Woman was never allowed to fly to keep her inferior to Superman?? Seriously true, that is

"Jurassic Snack"

I have no idea why this clip has that name ...
See this is a "normal" hamster (a Syrian) ... notice the poppy eyes, "surprised" expression. That's why I used to call my hamster Hammy. BC he looked like a mini xxx

White Faced Roborovski Eats Corn on Hand

See how tiny she is

"Black and White" (Rabbits)

Yeah, this is just two bunny rabbits eating. But they're very cute...

Bunny Rabbit Letter Opener 兔肉開信機

The rabbit speaks Chinese, aparently ...

This one's had 2.1 million hits already and no surprise!

Wayward's Dog Moxie

The tall "wise" one in the background is called Heidi.

Got this clip from CrystalCleanPersuasion

FreshWater Shrimp in 10gallon aquarium

I used to have shrimps in mine. You buy them as live goldfish food but can put a few in a mixed community tank. Mine never did any harm to anything and the fishies in there were too small to eat them ...

Borneo "Fight"?

Looks more like mating to me.

I used to have a Borneo Sucker but she was much darker (usually (she could change colour)) and way flatter. Like a ribbon...

African Dwarf Frog

I used to have a mini African frog in with tropical fish. But this one looks enormous in comparison. Surely it is not the same breed. Also this one has a massive body like it's just swallowed a gold sovereign and practically no head ..?...

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Bollywood Pop Vid

This is what Bollywood films are all about:

Campbell's Hamster: What is on the Other Side of the Door?

Because the same white furball that was eating popcorn upside down on that piano keyboard seems desperate to get through ::~~