Saturday, 25 August 2007

Nick Nolte, Barbra Streisand in Prince of Tides

Barbra's made loads of films... but why can't she accept that she's a singer and comedienne... anyone can do serious acting but those first two things take rare talent to bring to perfection...

... also this is the only Streisand film I honestly actually remember scenes of right the way through. Based on a novel by Pat Conroy it sets up an intriguing triangle of interest: Savannah the distressed poet, Nic Nolte the grudging misplaced repressed concerned brother, Streisand the ever so professional yet ever so vulnerable shrink who shows she's just as needing (if not needy as her patient)... good film this one. Far better than the "interesting" but laughable Yentl, that's for sure!!

But: filmic cliche's coming up!

1. How come all groceries are carried at all times in BROWN PAPER BAGS? Don't American shops have carrier bags like we have over here??

2. They spent hard earned cash, drive to the middle of nowhere... then in the heat of the moment he just chucks those impossible to replace gorceries all over the log cabin's floor... something that is NEVER done in real life... not without sparking lengthy potentially relationshipbusting row

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