Monday, 9 February 2009

Norma Stupid on The Price is Right

WOW: I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS: I've actually found the original game show presented by the original Alan Partridge..! (Lesley Crowther.)

This is one programme I vividly remember right down to the first episode (and what chav-tastic 80s hairdos on the women!!)

Norma Stupid was such a legend in her own lunchtime that her name "Norma Stupid" has been a catchphrase in my family ever since...

Opening Bit of First Price is Right 1984

Even the chime from Central TV brought back memories... of Findus Crispy Pancakes... and a time when ITV still meant Independent Television ~ about 14 companies independent and interdependent upon one another, pouring home-made programmes into a common pot, of which Central was just one... How of course ITV has 4 channels (and dropped their news channel, even though they still, by government mandate HAVE to make newsprogrammes every day... worst of both worlds if you ask me. In it's heyday ITN News At Ten with Alistair Burnett and Pamela Armstrong was THEE evening news. They always did longer features on Princess Diana and showed more interesting stuff... now the BBC rules and ITV are trailing miles behind even Rupert Murdoch's Sky.l..

Norma Stupid shows what she's made of

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