Thursday, 1 April 2010

Bangkok Hilton II

Disk 2 part 1

Disk 2 part 2

Disk 2 part 3

Disk 2 part 4

Disk 2 part 5

Disk 2 part 6

Disk 2 part 7

Disk 2 part 8

Disk 2 part 9

Disk 2 part 10

Disk 2 part 11

Disk 2 part 12

Disk 2 part 13

Disk 2 part 14


Hughs3y said...

Just after watching this for the first time in it's entirety last night. Inspiring stuff. It'd scare the bejesus out of any junkie! :P
Nice one Gled, you inspred me to start my own blog!

Gledwood said...

I watched this with some hash smokers when I was at college.
I couldn't help noticing how pussy they went at the banging up scene.
Come on man!
I wasn't scared of needles. Didn't like them either in the beginning.
That was the only thing that surprised me about getting a habit.
Getting a needle fixation!

I'd never go near Thailand now unless I knew 100% I was clean. Not worth it.

If I wanted to smuggle drugs I'd only do countries with guaranteed death penalty.