Thursday, 16 December 2010

Spare the rod and spoil the criminal..?

LAW AND ORDER: LET'S HAVE A HEATED DEBATE. Should they bring back the lash for burglars, muggers, rapists and child abusers?

Filmed in a Malaysian prison, this shows an individual getting 20 lashes (on top of a prison sentence) for rape.

It's supposed to be pretty gruesome. His backside is torn open. If I was the victim of serious crime I'd be well pleased if this happened to the offender.

WARNING don't watch if the sight of blood and gore apalls you. And be warned, the still only shows about a third of the way into it.

I tried to find a less gory one but ended up with the same one twice. The first one goes black and white for some reason, but it's less blurry.

Ukh. Well it is pretty nasty. I heard the Tory party want all this. Or they want it back in schools. Anne Widdecomebe wanted it back, I believe.

It was never done quite this viciously at school, where I only remember 3 kids getting caned. Most corporal punishment was done with paddles or shoes and caning was never done on the bare bum. Then again nobody committed rape at my school.

In my view this punishment serves the rapist right.

Please share your comments and opinions below. Should whipping be brought back for burglars and sex offenders? If someone stole my plasma screen TV I'd be delighted to see them get 20 strokes. If my daughter got raped I'd be even more pleased if the bastard who did it got soundly whipped. It's just a shame he doesn't scream more. They're obviously not beating him hard enough.


Anonymous said...

Holy fuck, he no arse left after that! Rapists deserve more than that, whip their cocks till they fall off. Burglars, maybe 5 lashes.

Gledwood said...

I'm glad I put up 2 screens as screen 1 now says something about vile and offensive content and it's removed!

Fucking hell if it's not vile and offensive to commit rape then what is?

The website I found this on showed about 10 arses that had been caned and I don't know how he did it but the Chief Whipper made a real mess of this one and hit right where the bastard sits down whereas the others were at the top of their arse.

Every time I see the photos I put at the bottom of my main blog I feel sick and wonder whether I should take them down then I think no because I do actually believe bastards should get beaten like this. And I believe in the death penalty. I honestly believe it's kinder to kill than keep people inside for life with petty rules designed to make life a misery I think that is 100 times more bastardly. I also think it's more bastardly to treat somebody cruelly for years than to whip their arse even this badly at least they feel they have paid their dues.

What the fuck you would feel if put through this and not guilty I cannot imagine. But people are imprisoned for decades in Britain and you CANNOT get parole unless you admit you did what you were put in for, even though in many cases the screws and govenor, who know their business obviously have a pretty good idea who's genuinely innocent, who is a shithead and got framed for something they didn't do but have done just as bad anyway and who's guilty--guilty.

I think the criminal justice system stinks. In America really bad. I know someone who has severe bipolar and heroin addiction and was pulled off 140mg methadone in prison with NOTHING. I came off gear and 20mg meth cold turkey after about a year and a half using just £10 a day and suffered really bad mentally I had bipolar symptoms and it was the nastiest thing I'd ever experienced, on a par with bad acid but lasting all week.

I think the real bastards in a lot of cases are the police which is why I said they should get the fucking cane for abusing their powers. Also the politicians and people who choose to work in prisons not out of compassion but out of bastardry. Sometimes I really fucking hate the human race for the things they do and I think beating someone like this although nasty and extreme is among the least of mankind's offences against mankind.

Gledwood said...

this is gross i can't believe they do it then again i spose i would want someone to beat shit out of someone who crossed me. well who cares anyhow