Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bipolar disorder

This Canadian woman is lying on the street at night talking to camera in the midst of what she says is a manic episode (looks like there's a goodly portion of attention-grabbing going on too "I'm crazy" and all that...)

This is medicated mania; she's still rabbitting away 19 to the 12 though!

If this is mania we're all cyclothymic. Come on man, this guy is in a perfectly ordinary frame of mind. No sign of racing speech, thought derailment, grandiosity, elevated mood or irritability. In short no evidence of even mild hypomania.

He's supposed to have cyclothymia, which is so mild you only get subclinical depression and subclinical mania. In other words totally normal mood swings that only a real hypochondriac would ever feel the need to medicate.

Oh I know why this guy is so obviously losing his mind: he's just had a Red Bull "sugar free of course; God knows what would have happened if he'd had it with sugar". Oh he'd have had a psychotic episode for sure. Sucrose is well known for inducing severe affective episodes. On Mars.

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