Saturday, 2 June 2007

Desert Rose

This could have gone in my Music Clips blog as it's musical. But it's not by anyone I've heard of so here you are ...

I think this is pretty amazing.

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Gi said... The desert loans the same image of imensidão that the sea, the dunes and serpentear of sands, the waves. If we will be to see well has everything to see. The difference is alone cromátca:) (I adore to invent, who knows me knows that I am given to these small deliriums:) ) Already I added plus one, lacks another one. Little kisses for you, good Sunday 2 of June of 2007 22:25 Gi said... HFM, I is that I thank your pesença. A little kiss remaining portion of good weekend 2 of June of 2007 22:26